Confessions of a gambling addict

Confessions of a gambling addict riverwind casino off track betting

The staff didn't know of any Gambling Anonymous groups in town, but gave me two bus passes so I could get to the VA Outpatient Clinic on Palmer Street and meet with Meaghan Lee, an addictions counselor. Login or register to post comments.

My life is hell!!! Many people, like me, start out innocently enough in betting shops or dabbling a little online. One time a busty babe sitting next to me at the blackjack table was literally rubbing her hands all over my body, and all I could think about was my next bet. Then curse myself as gamblin leave with an empty wallet and an empty heart, empty dreams, and devoid of any self esteem. Hilarious photos show some I wore it again!

With casinos on seemingly every corner, Missoula thrives on gambling addicts. After losing all his money during a night of poker, and waking. It was there, in the grip of gambling addiction, that his financial stresses, depression, anxiety and a “complete lack of self-confidence” mounted. Confessions Of A High-Profile Gambling Addict. This week, we ran across a compelling confessional in The Hollywood Reporter. Typically this.

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